PSBA - Who We Are

Puget Sound Bonsai Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai. Club members have bonsai experience that ranges from beginner to recognized experts in the art. PSBA holds regularly scheduled club meetings featuring demonstrations and educational programs by national and international bonsai artists. The club also stages public shows and participates in community events where members' trees are showcased. PSBA was formed in 1973.

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September 6-7, 2014 - Aki Matsuri Festival


Summary of Aki Matsuri: We had another successful weekend at the Aki Matsuri festival.  People were backed up waiting to get into the display when it opened on Saturday morning and it was busy both days.  We had 9 students in the workshop and made over $1,000 between the workshop and bonsai sales.  We also signed up several new members.  The backdrops on loan from the Pacific Bonsai Museum (fomerly Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection) and the new navy blue tablecloths made the bonsai trees look their best.  Thanks to the setup and and take down teams, members who loaned their trees, stones and companion plants, the docents, Elsa, Howard and Sally who ran the workshop and especially to Lynn who did a fantastic job organizing the event.


July 20, 2014 - Annual PSBA member potluck

This year's potluck was attended by about half of the members in the club. There was more than enough good food to go around. The desserts were the best part!

Thanks for coming!


June 23, 2014 - Greg Brenden and the Idea of Kusamono

Summary of June 23, 2014 meeting: Moss and violets, rusted tuna cans and railroad hardware. At PSBA's June general meeting, Greg Brenden shared his passion for kusamono, a companion art to the art of bonsai. Kusamono simply defined are potted arrangements of wild grasses or flowers in unique pots or trays. Creating kusamono is a bit like painting, using a palette of colors and textures, then framing the composition with a compatible container. His demonstrations ranged from lava rock to a piece of blue-green glass from an electrical transformer.

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June 7, 2014 - 9th Annual PSBA Bonsai Auction


Summary of 2014 PSBA Bonsai Auction: The ninth annual PSBA bonsai auction turned out to be the best ever, attracting bidders from all over the region. Connoisseurs seized the opportunity to see and bid on extraordinary trees from some of the oldest, deepest collections in the Pacific Northwest.  Lucky bidders found affordable offerings in both live and silent auctions. Still others, drawn by curiosity, found themselves with paddle in hand, getting into the spirit. Everything sold, and everyone went home happy. 

The majority of each item's selling price goes to the seller. PSBA's commission covers auction expenses and serves as a fundraiser for club activities. 

The PSBA auction is always the first Saturday in June. See you next year! 


May 3 and 4, 2014 - Annual Spring Show

    Summary of 2014 Spring Show: May showers couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of attendees at PSBA's spring show at the Pacific Rim Collection. Visitors enjoyed displays of both trees and viewing stones, while the occasional puddle was perfect for stomping, according to show co-chair Pat Negron. Starter trees and handmade pots sold briskly. See you next year!