Member Benefits

  • Immerse yourself in an ancient art form with international reach
  • Attend seven general meetings per year featuring demonstrations by local,
    regional or national guest artists
  • Take or observe workshops by guest artists 
  • Take three new-member workshops during first year ($75 per member to cover cost of materials): 
    1. Late winter - Tree design and potting workshop. New members receive a tree, pot and other materials.
    2. Spring - "What to look for when buying a bonsai" workshop,
    3. Fall - Shaping and wiring workshop. A tree and pot are provided for members who have not yet attended the late winter workshop.
  • Join a study group to improve skills, free of charge
  • Join an advanced or professionally-led study group
  • Submit trees for selection and exhibit at club events
  • Sell trees and other bonsai related materials at annual auction (typically the first Saturday in June)
  • Attend annual potluck for fellowship and bonsai shopping
  • Sell trees or materials at potluck free of club commission
  • Join a committee or become a board member 
  • Participate in club events as a docent or volunteer
  • As of September 1st, 2017, new member dues are $50 for an individual and $70 for a couple. Couples must reside at the same address. New members who join after September 1st are paid up for the following year.
  • Renewing member dues, which are due before the 1st of January, are $50 for an individual member renewal and $70 for a couple renewal (beginning September 2017 for 2018). There will be $10 discount per member when dues payment is received on time (before January 1st).

We need club members to volunteer for the following events:

Spring Show

PSBA Auction

Summer Potluck

PSBA Exhibit at Japan Fair

New Member Workshops

Board of Directors

Public Relations

and other club related postions


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